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We are pioneers in the innovation of recyclable, renewable, and compostable materials.x

At JET we care about sustainability, and not just because consumer demand for sustainable products has grown, but because it’s the right thing to do. We are committed to promoting and developing packaging solutions that are better for the planet and we do it through innovation.

Jet was one of the first packaging companies to embrace recyclable packaging design and today we remain a visionary thought leader in this area. Our commitment to creativity and design enables our company to apply new ideas to move sustainability forward.

Our Sustainability Philosophy

We stand with many others in the industry that believe this linear cycle of make-use-waste must be transformed into a cycle of make-use-remake for the good of the Earth.

Even major brands like Coca-Cola are answering consumers who demand more responsible packaging for their favorite beverage. We support scientists working on plastic production from natural, biodegradable raw materials such as plants, sugars, cornstarch, and wood. By using bacteria and producing lactic acid to create methane, they have found another natural source for plastic production.

We believe better packaging helps the consumer feel good about their purchase and buy again, which ultimately shows up in the company’s bottom line!

Our Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The term “sustainable” packaging is an umbrella term which encompasses recyclable, renewable and compostable materials.  Incorporating any of them into your packaging production process helps everyone in “4D” – your company, your brand, the consumer and the bottom line while saving the Earth as well.

Our sustainable packaging includes fully recyclable, fully compostable or bio-based structures that meet the technical, functional and aesthetic needs of our customers, while helping them reach their brand’s sustainability goals.

Recyclable Packaging.x

Recyclable packaging fills the tall order of plastics made from materials that can be repurposed and reused.

Flexible packaging is generally not recyclable, but in some applications, there are materials that can be used to make a package recyclable.

Some retailers have receptacles for returning plastic shopping bags or depositing overwraps and other clean, non-contaminated plastics films designated with the appropriate How2Recycle logo.

Compostable Packaging.x

Compostable packaging bypasses the ugly eternity of the landfill and returns to the comfort of the Earth where it once again becomes part of the regenerative cycle.

Compostable packaging is made of natural, renewable materials, such as wood-pulp from managed plantations. Compostable bio-films can be certified for home or industrial composting.

Technology has progressed the bio-films to have similar shelf-life property as standard plastics to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

Some features include:

  • Two-sided, novel heat-seal resins
  • Static free
  • Extra wide heat seal range
  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • Customizable coatings for varying degrees of moisture barrier
  • Resealable Closures

Renewable Packaging.x

Renewable packaging materials are derived from resources that are naturally renewable, and sustainably managed.

We offer flexible packaging using “bio-films,” which are produced mainly of wood-pulp, and other natural resources, from managed plantations.

These bio-films not only provide environmental responsibility but are also easy to use.

  • Two-sided, novel heat-seal resins
  • Static free
  • Extra wide heat seal range
  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • Customizable coatings for varying degrees of moisture barrier

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