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Laser Score & Perforation

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Jet can include laser scoring and perforation in your production process.x

Depending on the contents of the package, tiny, strategic perforations may be necessary in your production process to provide depressurization of the product within.  Or, laser scoring may be needed to ease opening or use of the package.

Laser Scoring.x

Laser scoring is an ideal process to add to production when your product requires easy-open or re-closeable scores. It can also be used for etched security or product identification.

Jet’s process features simplified set-up with minimum downtime. The laser beam actually seals the edges of holes as it burns through the material, which ultimately strengthens the package.

By integrating multiple laser modules (one laser module per beam) with a crossweb pattern, you can achieve easy-open pouches with tear strips, perforations and product identification simultaneously.

The laser scoring process offers superior process control to ensure a consistent score depth from the time the machine is turned on to full speed production.


Instead of punching or tearing through the material as traditional mechanical perforating machines do, our no-contact laser process vaporizes flexible materials to produce smaller (approximately 50μm) smaller cleaner, rounder, more uniform holes, with minimal waste.

Perforation is often needed for pouches and packages that hold highly fermented contents,  are stored in extreme storage conditions or are transported through high mountain altitudes. Perforations are also handy for packages requiring rapid-fill, microwave steam release or breathable venting. Our perforation exceeds OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and MAP (modified atmospheric packaging).

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