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Create Confidence Between Your Package and Consumer


From snack foods to cosmetics, Jet’s flexible packaging keeps products safe and fresh in storage or in travel. Our custom-produced bags and pre-formed pouches come in a wide variety of materials and styles, all designed to extend the shelf life and quality of the contents inside.
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We encompass recyclable, renewable and compostable materials.  Incorporating any of them into your packaging production process helps everyone in “4D” – your company, your brand, the consumer and the bottom line – and helps save the Earth as well.
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While our engineers concentrate on the quality of the package’s production, our design team focuses on creating an attention-getting, entrancing design for the consumer that delivers an excellent end user experience.
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We Are Proud To Be Your Packaging Partnerx

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a relentless focus on customers service through product innovation, short lead times and competitive prices.

Our Mission

To be the trusted steward of our customers packaging resources, be cause our customers deserve it. To be agile and innovative in our customers packaging solutions, because competitive advantage in the supply chain accelerates growth and profitability. To create confidence between our customers brand and the people who enjoy it, because high integrity packaging should defend, and enhance your brand.

We Do Business in 4D x

At Jet Packaging Group, it’s not just about the design and manufacture of flexible packaging,  Or our pioneering specialty in environmentally friendly solutions.

It’s about the people who produce, move and ultimately use the products we package. We call this doing business in 4D, with each package exuding excellence to all who come in contact with it.

Your brand promise inspires attractive, high-performance packaging that protects and enhances the product, even as it beckons the consumer from the shelf.

Your company’s bottom line is maximized as we help value engineer an efficient, packaging process for speed to shelf within your requirements and parameters.

Your product’s packaging solution is reliably delivered on time by Jet, your agile supply chain partner.

Your end user’s experience, as their five senses engage with the packaging and the product within, breeding loyalty and repeat sales for your brand.

What Our Customers Sayx

They were so friendly and it was pleasure to get my projects done. I'm very happy with services they provided. I will recommend this company to others. Their work is professional and their pricing was competitive. John Edward, Customer
Wonderful work, Thank you! The best packaging company in the US as it proved by quality of works and services. Their products make us feel so proud. I always enjoy working with them, I would definitely return for future projects. Jim Abraham, Customer